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Inspired recipes for delicious, homemade, vegetarian and vegan food



Definition: to make any recipe meat-free and totally delicious.

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Whether you’re looking for a lunch, dinner, snack or breakfast, Vegify is a place to find homemade recipes for flavourful, natural meals. Vegify recipes only use simple everyday ingredients. All recipes provide an alternative to meat and processed foods, helping your wallet, health, environmental conscience and taste buds! If you are looking for inspiration for meat-free Mondays, want to impress vegetarian family friends or are just simply looking to add more vegetarian meals to your diet then look no further – Vegify is here to help!

The aim of Vegify  is to create a series of recipes representing all tastes and cuisines. Whether you are a complete beginner or a more confident cook, Vegify is all about creating dishes where meat isn’t the focal point, but taste always is!

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Why should I
Vegify my food?

Vegify is all about getting more vegetables, fruit and wholefoods onto your plate. This provides you with more fibre, more vitamins, minerals, energy and most importantly, amazing taste.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian already or looking to switch, Vegify provides delicious, flavoursome recipes without meat. Cooking Vegify recipes helps avoid ultra-processed, unhealthy foods. You certainly don’t need expensive fake meat products to have a more vegetarian diet. Although they can be a quick and easy option sometimes, Vegify recipes will show you that you can create quick and delicious meals without having to rely on ready-made options.